YOOCOOL Full Face Snorkel Mask Review


Here at the Best Snorkel Gear, we are pretty enamored with full face snorkel masks. Obsessed, some might say, but they are pretty awesome. While we have already put out our top picks for the best full faced snorkel masks, recently a new one has snuck onto the market, so we decided to investigate it a little. Is it any good?

Features of the YOOCOOL Full Face Snorkel Mask

The YOOCOOL full face snorkel mask is one of many full face masks that try to set themselves apart by advertising its compatibility with action cameras. However, for those in the know (like us!), we know that most masks, including the full face variety, come with that compatibility.

Fortunately for them, they actually have a pretty good product that doesn’t need to try to set itself apart from the pack. The mask itself is sleek, shiny, and actually pretty nice to look at. In fact, it is the fact that it has a wide variety of bad ass color options that is more of a selling point than some attachment that lets you use an action camera.

One feature that sets the mask apart from some of its peers is that uses an elastic fabric strap instead of [easyazon_infoblock align="right" identifier="B01LZ5O4UO" key="image" locale="US" tag="snorkelbest-20"]some kind of stretchy rubber affair. This actually allows for a much more comfortable fit, and an adjustable one for those who have to wear their hair up and need to maneuver the strap. The unfortunate downside of fabric is that is can mold if you let it stay wet, so snorkelers will need to make sure the back of this mask dries thoroughly.

As for the mask itself, you get the same great view that you expect from a full face mask. There is no frame to get in the way of your otherwise panoramic view like most “panoramic” masks have so that you can get the optimum view of your snorkel area.

Yet, the biggest benefit of investing in a full face snorkel mask like the YOOCOOL is that you are allowed to free breath while underwater. You don’t need to focus on breathing through your mouth, you don’t need to bite down on a mouth piece, and your jaw doesn’t get sore after awhile. You slip on the mask and just breathe. It isn’t hard to see why the full face snorkel mask like the YOOCOOL is taking off among the snorkeling community.

It is important that you choose the right size of mask with the YOOCOOL though. Picking a mask that is too big or too small does not provide the best possible seal and may result in leaks, which is pretty devastating with this style of snorkel mask. Typically you want small or medium for women and children and large for men or women with particularly long faces.

Final Analysis

So does the YOOCOOL full face mask stack up against our top picks for full face masks? Sadly, no. It is a good full face mask, but it is not a great full face snorkel mask. It lacks some nice ease of use features and other unique features to set it apart which would elevate it to greatness.


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