Tusa M1001 Freedom Scuba Diving Mask Review


Just look at it. You can tell right away why people love this mask. I mean, just look at that incredible field of view? It is so wide that it is almost on par with full face models. This is the kind of mask where you just know you are going to enjoy the view. However, for all the advantages that you get with a good field of vision, these types of masks typically come with some sort of a downside with the way it fits. Does the Tusa Freedom have any of those said downfalls?

Features of the Tusa M1001 Freedom Scuba Mask

This mask comes in a variety of colors, and for once it comes in different colors for both the framed and frameless variety. If you aren’t a fan of the panoramic view, you can get a framed mask, and the alternative situation is possible too. However the framed version does come with more color choices.

The major advantage of this mask is the huge single lens that sits close to the face in order to provide a wide field of vision. It also comes with buckles that can rotate 180 degrees without showing any signs of breaking easily while still allowing the most comfortable fit.

A large nose pocket rounds out the design so that those with wide or particularly long noses can wear with mask without feeling uncomfortable by having their nose crushed in. However, while the silicone skirt does prevent leaks, it does extend a little far onto the forehead. Some customers have complained that is can be a little uncomfortable and leaves marks on your face, but if a mask with a similar field of vision as a full face mask has to have a downfall, it should probably be that.

However, that is not the only shortcoming of this mask, but its biggest disadvantage is not a problem for all people. The problem is that because the mask sits so close to your face, if you need to wear classes while snorkeling, they are not going to fit comfortably, or at all, in this snorkel mask. The good news is that because the mask uses one large single lens, you may be able to modify it to use prescription lenses, but it obviously won’t work if you wear two different prescriptions for each eye.

Final Analysis

You know what they say, a snorkel mask is only as worth as much as it will show you, and the Tusa Freedom shows you a lot. With a wide field of vision, if you don’t need to wear glasses, this is close to the perfect snorkel mask. Unfortunately, because you do get such a great view, the price is actually pretty up there. However, they are great for any underwater situation and quite durable, so this is a mask you can invest in without having to worry about it breaking after a few uses.


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