SCUBAPro Diving Jet Fins


Today we will examine the Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fin and on this review you will find all the important details and pros and cons that you need to know about this fin before you decide if you should buy it or not. Please remember that this is only a review and if you are trying to get the Diving Jet Fins at the lowest price online then you should Click On This Link Now in order to take advantage of the best price which I personally found for this popular fin by Scubapro today…

The Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fin – What Exactly Is It?

A Quick Overview

Since the mid 1960s and until today, the ScubaPro Diving Jet Fin has been the preferred choice by many professional divers and instructors all over the world for commercial and military purposes.

It has a high-quality and durable rubber construction that has a proven vented blade design and this blade design allows the Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fins to deliver a powerful thrust with less drag when fining in the upstroke. When fining in the down-stroke, these fins lets water smoothly course through the vents to decrease pressure and tension on the legs.

In addition, this product is built with strong and adjustable straps with metal buckles, which firmly hold your feet for effortless pre-diving preparation. It also has an optional spring heel straps to allow you to wear and take off these fins easily.

The ScubaPro Diving Jet Fin is available in black finish with 5 sizes to choose from: 3x-large, 2x-large, extra-large, and medium. It also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Few More Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds

The Pros And Cons Of The Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fin

The Pros

These fins are virtually indestructible because of the heavy-duty thick rubber construction. These could easily last for 15 years or so.
With its durability and performance, the listed price for this product is just right.
The Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fins is an ideal choice for training in the triathlons and military and for professional diving.
The optional spring straps make donning and taking them off a lot easier.
The Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fins deliver unmatched propulsion power.
They allow wearer to move faster underwater, which is especially helpful when trying to move away from dangerous situations.
These fins have proven their superior performance without being changed for more than 4 decades already.
You can expect great customer service.

The Cons

The Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fins are heavy and bulky, thus they can take can take up a lot of space in your luggage.
It takes some time to get used to wearing and taking them off.
They don’t look aesthetically attractive.

The Bottom Line

The Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fin has been in the industry since 1965, yet this fin is still one of the best and there’s probably no product out there that would be able to match its superior performance in any situation.

These fins deliver powerful and smooth propulsion, but keep in mind, however, that if you have poor fining technique, these will work against you.

In addition, they are a bit on the heavy side, which is a great advantage when dry-suit diving. And if you purchase the spring heel straps, you’ll have no problem wearing and taking them off.

Overall, for its solid construction, unparalleled performance and long-lastingness, we believe that the Scuba Pro Diving Jet Fins are worth every penny…


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