Cressi Frog Plus Fins Review


Cressi has always been the brand on the cutting edge of snorkel and scuba technology, which is why they are so beloved. However, if you aren’t in the know about snorkel fins, you probably won’t understand why the Cressi Frog Plus fins were such a big deal when they were released.

This set of fins came out with a design the likes of which no one had ever seen before, but how well does this new design actually work?

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Features of the Cressi Frog Plus Fins

The big difference between the Frog Plus and other Cressi fins is that it was designed with the blade pitch to be angle different from the foot pocket. In fact, it was the first set of blades to do so. With this design and the fact that the blades actually start from the upper part of the foot pocket rather than just at the end, it gives you around a 20 percent increase in fin surface area. For those not in the know, that means you get more power from this distinctive looking fin.

The power is also augmented by the combination of polymer and silicone in the traditional channel blade fin design. This allows the blade to be somewhat firm, but still allows it to bend into that coveted “U” shape while kicking. This concentrates the water into a powerful jet the propels you forward with only a minimum amount of effort. Unfortunately, if you frequently snorkel in particularly shallow spots near a lot of coral, the length of these fins may cause you a bit of trouble. It is important to watch your stroke so as to not damage coral in shallow water, and these somewhat long fins can have some pretty bendy strokes.

As the fins are made by Cressi, you can expect a certain amount of durability from the brand. Because these fins use a mix of silicone and polymers, you can bend them as far as they can possibly go without any cracking, breaking, or permanent bending. With proper fin maintenance, these are a pair of fins that you will have around for quite a while.

The half foot pocket fits any size of feet pretty well, but it is the strapping that can be the one downside of this pair of fins. They are fitted with a pair of rubber straps with quick release buckles, which are just fine. However, they are more apt to break than other strap types like the spring-style strap. The good news is that you can actually replace them if you need or want to, but with such near indestructible fin blades, Cressi could have at least used their most durable straps as well.

Final Analysis

With Cressi fins you always know you are getting a good product. The real choice is getting what you need. For casual snorkeling, the Cressi Frog Plus may actually be more power than what you need. However, if you want a set of multi-purpose fins that you will have to really try in order to destroy, these are it.

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