Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask Review


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Today we will examine the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask and on this review you will find all the important details and pros and cons that you need to know about this mask before you decide if you should buy it or not.

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The Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask – What Exactly Is It?

A Quick Overview


The Big Eyes Evolution is a revolutionary mask by Cressi, a well-known Italian company for diving gear, which can help you explore the underwater world in a much easier way.

The Evolution is uniquely designed with a new skirt that’s created using Cressi’s High Seal silicone material, which allows it to improve your line of sight and be ultra soft and comfortable to wear even after prolonged use, without leaving visible marks on the skin. What’s more, the skirt is reinforced by interior ribs that stiffen certain portions of the mask subjected to frequent stress.

Cressi’s original angled lenses, with a unique overturned triangle form, are particularly positioned near your pupils for optimum view of all your surroundings. Have vision problems? No worries, you can easily put in your prescription lenses just by using a screwdriver.

The Evolution is also fitted with highly durable adjustable buckles that are united to Cressi’s narrow headband, which are mounted on a flexible component that can be tilted sideways or vertically. The headband is made extra thin to make it virtually unseen when you’re wearing this mask.

The Pros And Cons Of The Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask

The Pros

With its low volume design and large lenses, the Evolution provides an excellent field of view of the underwater surroundings.
The High Seal silicone material is really soft and allows the mask to perfectly fit the face.
Generally, users didn’t have problems regarding water leakage or fogging (as long as you properly wash it and use your fave anti-fog solution).
The black skirt is an excellent design option, because it greatly helps in reducing surface glare.
You don’t need many tools, just a screwdriver, to change the standard lenses to your prescribed optical lenses.
The headband/back strap feels very comfortable against the head and it is almost invisible.
It is easy to equalize or purge with this mask.

The Cons

It’s quite hard to find the right optical lenses for this online.
If you have a really big nose, this might feel a bit crammed, but it’s not totally bad.
The strap could be improved.

The Bottom Line

Just like other products out there, the Big Eyes Evolution Mask by Cressi is not 100% perfect. It could still be improved, but it doesn’t have cons that are deal breakers and many users feel that this mask offers a very good value for their money.

We personally believe that the Evolution mask has many outstanding features. It’s real comfy, doesn’t leak or fog up (just make sure to rinse and apply an anti-fog solution), provides great visibility, reduces glare and it is really easy to use.

Overall, we can absolutely say that the Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask is worth the buy, especially if you are looking for a comfortable and durable mask to use for diving, snorkeling or spear fishing.



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