5 Best Snorkel Sets for Any Trip

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What to look for in a Good Snorkel Set Before You Purchase a Snorkel Set

There are a few things you should look for in order to get the best buy. Making sure the set has a warranty is a good thing in the event something happens and you have to return it for a refund or exchange. Another thing to look for would be brand because purchasing a top quality brand would last longer saving you money in the future and preventing you having to buy another set. A snorkel set should be crafted with safety in mind. Checking for safety features is another thing you should look for before purchasing the snorkel set. Remember that price should never be a factor over safety. You should share what you learn here with your snorkeling friends.

When you go out snorkeling, you want to be comfortable so checking to make sure that your snorkel set fits comfortably and snug would be another thing to look for before making your purchase. When snorkeling, you never want your set to drag, so make sure it is not bulky. Check for bulkiness. Also check to make sure the set is the right size length and diameter for you. Choosing one of the best snorkeling sets from this list will help you save time and hassle. Knowing what to look for before purchasing a set will help you save money too. Here are the 5 best snorkel sets:

Product Brand List Price
Body Glove Adult Lucent XP Sport Fins Set Snorkel Mask (Blue, Small/Medium) Body Glove Aquatic $60.64
Aqua Lung Sport Nautilus Travel Mask Fin Snorkel Set, (FREE SHIPPING), Powder... N/A $69.95
Cressi Gara 3000 LD Freediving Fins with Mask Snorkel & Gear Bag, 8-9 Cressi $279.95
Tusa Serene Adult Scuba Diving M/S Combo - UC-1625QB-HP - Black/Hot Pink Tusa $28.00
PROMATE Snorkeling Scuba Dive Panoramic PURGE Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Gear Set, ALLBlack, ML/XL Promate $61.95

Body Glove Lucent XP Snorkel Set

This is a solid and most high performing set that meets watersports and snorkeling standards. It provides many features that include a mask, snorkel, fins, and a nice carry bag. It is crafted with quality for being comfortable and durable. It is made of high quality materials and comes available in a variety of sizes. It also meets ANSI standards. It comes available in two different colors so you can choose the color best for representing your style. This set can be used by beginners as well as professionals.


The Body Glove Lucent XP set comes available in a variety of sizes for both adults and kids. The mask and snorkel itself are crafted well above average to deliver the best performance and comfort while snorkeling. It comes with a great pair of fins that are made durable for long lasting use. Available at an affordable price and comes with complete warranty, instructions for use, care and maintenance. Is sold as a best select online and has received excellent ratings and reviews too. Can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home or office door. Available for standard shipping or express overnight.


This snorkel set’s carry bag is a bit weaker than others. It comes in only two colors and this item is not eligible for international shipping, but only shipping in the US. It has received a couple of three-star ratings due to the container being smudged when the shipment arrived. Someone complained about the fit not being comfortable, but most probably the wrong size was ordered. Some stated it was a bit bulky for them and the fins were different sizes, but this was probably a packing mistake.

TUSA Sport Serene Snorkel Set

This is really a great, comfortable, and reliable snorkeling set. It is crafted with many great features that include long-blade fins, multi-flex, low volume mask, crystal silicone skirt, field of vision wide, dry snorkel technology, thrust channel technology, and more. Comes with a complete warranty, instructions for use, care and maintenance and the price is affordable too. It is made durable for long lasting use in the water. Provides a comfortable fit and available in adult sizes only. About 75 percent of the people who have tried this product recommend the purchase to friends. This is the set to buy if you are a diver who wishes to have a wide field of view while under water exploring.


This snorkel set is crafted with soft and comfortable crystal silicone for a great fit under water. It offers the snorkeler a wide view with the mask. It is crafted well for traveling. The fins are designed to provide a lot of power, especially for its compact size. Fast shipping. Comes with a quality standard travel bag for easy transport and storage. Has a low volume design so when you are exploring the underwater world you will not scare off the marine life.


This brand is not as popular as other brands being sold online, but for many online retailers it is listed as a best seller. This snorkeling set is not eligible for international shipping, but can be shipped anywhere in the nation. Adult sizes only. Lightweight crafted fins for more moving in the water. Only twenty percent of the people who have tried this set have a complain.

Promate Dry Snorkel Set

This is a high quality set that comes available with a few nice features you will love and hey include a nylon mesh bag with a cord drawstring for easy travel and storage, ProMate two-window Scuba Dive Mask for more durability under water, dry snorkel with signal Whistle-SK680 for safety, absolute dry design, a silicone mouthpiece with a pre-curved design to prevent jaw fatigue and offer comfortable fit along with a purge valve for easy draining. It is inexpensive and sturdy for long lasting use. Has a strap easy adjustment.


Mask style is great. Fins are adjustable. Food quality when being compared to other brands. All the straps have buckles to remove them quickly and easily. Perfect for recreational snorkeling and available in different colors. Shipping is fast and returns are accepted with no hassle. Snorkel is wonderful and seals great. The snorkel has a valve that is easy to block when needing to clear the snorkel. Sizes are small, medium, medium-large and extra-large.


Flippers are stiff and the bridge of the nose piece is very shallow. The mask frame size is small. Silicone gasket leaks. Snorkel has a strange design. Water can be blown out of the bottom if you get water in while being under the water. The mask leaks.

Cressi Gara Pro Snorkel Set

This highly advanced technological Cressi snorkel set is crafted for pro snorkelers. It is designed specifically for deep fishing and free-diving. Comes available in a complete package set that includes LD Freediving Fins, a Mask with Neoprene Strap, snorkel, backpack for long blade fins, anti-fog drops. Mask can fit medium or large faces. The skirt is designed with 100 percent liquid silicone. Has adjust swiveling buckles and it is lightweight and offers a low profile. The snorkel has been designed to bend against objects in the water. The carry bag is designed with heavy-duty and PVC-coating nylon mesh on the front and sides. It also has adjustable shoulder straps which are padded for added comfort. The fins are ideal for covering long distances. If you are a pro snorkeler looking for a complete package, then this is certainly the one for you.


The fins are made of elastomer polypropylene for durability. It provides well controlled fins flexibility. Sold as a best seller online and comes with a complete warranty and instructions for use and care too. Shipping is fast either standard or express and can be shipped anywhere in the nation. This complete set is all you need for a full snorkeling day.


Snorkel is J type only. Face size for mask is only medium. Color is only available in black. Only a one year warranty, while some other brands offer three years warranty. Not shipped internationally. Adult only sizes.

Aqualung Nautilus snorkel set

This snorkel set ranks as a number one best seller online. It is made to perform well. It has a silicone skirt and easy to adjust buckles adjustment. The semi-clear skirt will allow extra light in. Comes with a very soft, zip up mask case for mask protection. The snorkel is designed to sit effortlessly in your mouth. It can be rolled up to fit inside the case. The fins are short and lightweight for travel and easy moving in the water. The fins are designed open heel with adjustable straps for added fit and comfort. Complete set consists of eight pieces of gear. This snorkel set fits the requirements of all scuba instructors. Perfect for snorkeling everyday.


This snorkel set comes available in colors of Black, Blue, and Yellow. The snorkel length is 15″ when unfolded. Complete with a black snorkel keeper and designed with a flexible roll-up silicone for easy travel and storing. Comes with warranty, instructions for use and care and can be shipped to your home or office fast. The snorkel tube is oval. The mouthpiece is extremely soft and flexible. Works great as a backup snorkel for ocean dives.


The plastic clip that holds the snorkel keeper is inadequate and it takes a bit of strength to roll it up and fit in the case. Colored part of the snorkel is very heavy. You must have something to attach it to your mask when you go snorkeling or it will fall off into the water. It is hard to get the mask on. Snorkel is fairly rigid. Changing the clip will allow this set to be a much better product. Only available in adult sizes.


You can find these top rated best selling snorkeling sets being sold online by retailers. These are the same brands that you will find being sold at traditional snorkeling and dive shops, but they will cost a bit more. Purchasing them online can save you money because they are offered at great sale prices and come with warranties. If you need help in making your selection, an online retailer can help answer your questions and concerns. If you need your snorkeling set in a hurry, then you may request express shipping. Some orders may qualify for free or reduced rate shipping charges. If you are not happy with your purchase, then you can return it for a refund or exchange. Sizing charts can help you choose the right size. Snorkeling and dive shops have a lot of great advice and tips for snorkelers, buying gear, the best spots and more. You can requests tips and advice be sent directly to your inbox.

You may choose to purchase snorkeling gear in a complete package deal or purchase individual pieces. Snorkeling gear is designed for beginners, intermediate, advanced, pros and instructors. You can choose your gear to match your own unique style. Making a payment online is fast, simple, safe, and secure and no payment details are shared with anyone else. If you are making a gift purchase, then you may request it be shipped to the recipient as long as you provide the correct address. You may choose to subscribe to snorkeling newsletters and keep up with the latest brands of snorkeling sets. Placing your order online will allow you to get the best deal, compare prices easier an faster too.

Online retailers are happy to help you place your order, make a payment, accept comments, complaints, feedback and more. The best snorkel sets can be found selling online at great inexpensive rices that will save you quite a bit of money. By purchasing a good quality set, you will be making a great investment in the future of your snorkeling adventures. You want to be provided a memorable snorkeling experience, so why not choose the best gear to help you. A good diving mask, snorkel and fins can help you get the best out of your snorkeling adventures. You can place your order anytime because these retailers are open day and night and 7 days a week.

Equipment you need when snorkeling

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Not enough emphasis can be laid down upon the importance of good snorkel equipment in order for you to fully enjoy your experience while snorkeling. Faulty equipment like leaky masks flooded snorkel, or blister-causing fins – any of these equipment faulting could be enough to ruin the experience and might have made snorkeling not fun for you. We have managed to comprise together a few details about what equipment is necessary and how to get the right fit in order to make the experience wonderful. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that in order for you to get the best experience, you might want to consider buying instead of renting or borrowing it from someone. Rented equipment will never have the proper fitting but once you have the right fit for you, they can last you for years and years.

The equipment can of be various kinds that are beneficial in certain conditions, however, the basic three essentials to have while going snorkeling are a mask, a snorkel, and fins.


There are many options to consider while you decide to get a snorkel mask as they can be of various types and sizes and you might want to get that you feel is the best fit for you. The window panels could be one but can also be four. It is preferred that a 100% silicone made snorkel is bought instead of the one that has plastic skirts. The best mask is the one that fits right for you. And you will also have to consider to get a mask in case you use glasses or wear contacts, then getting a mask that lets you see as clearly would be considered wise.



While you are considering buying a snorkel then there are few things that you have to keep in mind. The first thing that is very important is the comfort of your mouth so getting a snorkel you are comfortable is actually very important. Once you have prioritized your comfort, the snorkels can be of various kinds. The most common kind is the classic snorkel which has a mouthpiece and a tube attached to it. This tube can be of various shapes; however, a flexible tube is preferred. There are no splash guards on the top so once the water is filled in the tube; it has to be forcefully thrown out by exhaling very hard. You can find much more information at http://snorkelstore.net.  Snorkels with a purge valve are preferred in cases like these so instead of blowing out the water, the valve can be used to clear up the tube.



The first thing to keep in mind that like the mask and the snorkel fins are really actually very important part of the snorkeling experience. Once you have understood that, there are various options that you can consider while selecting fins for yourself. The fins could either be closed foot, open foot. The fins could also have paddle fins or split fins. You have to choose the fins that you feel are right. Considering the fitting options, it is advised to get fins that are slight tighter.

How to stay safe during snorkeling experiences

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As wonderful as it may sound to experience a whole new world while snorkeling underwater, there are always going to be risks. These risks can lead to very serious consequences and if proper precautions are not taken, then the consequences could even be fatal. However, if you are going out snorkeling, then there a few steps that you must ensure that can guarantee your safety.

One of the very basic things that need to be kept in mind that snorkeling is actually meant to be a group experience and for security purposes, it is advised that it is not done alone. Statistics reveal that a number of accidents happen to people or divers who have tried snorkeling alone and that number is pretty high. So it is recommended that you always have a friend around to ensure safety. So whenever you are looking to go snorkeling, have a friend who can partner you in those snorkeling dives and significantly reduce the risk.

It is also advised for people who are the beginners at snorkeling to not push themselves too hard. It is advised that you stay close to the shore and never try to exceed the limits and find yourself in a situation where it is very hard for you to breath. Conserving enough energy to make sure that you are able to return to shore is also considered a wise approach in order to ensure security and safety.

Another important step to take is that you stay aware of your surroundings. You have to avoid areas the water is pretty tough and there is a high chance of you being pushed into rocks. So it is advised that calmer waters are chosen for snorkeling expeditions.

While snorkeling, not enough emphasis can be laid down upon the importance of conserving your energy. It is advised that snorkeling is done with the aid of a floating device. A simple waist belt that allows you to look at what is ahead of you and not be wasting all of your energy on keeping yourself afloat. And once you decide to go into deeper water, the belt could be taken off and left up there. Once you have gone through your dive, you can return to the surface, put the belt on again, and continue on conserving and retaining your energy before you go in for another deeper dive. By using this technique, all kinds of injuries can be avoided and you will feel that your experience become more fun.

As appealing as it may seem to touch the marine life, it is advised that you do not do so. Although, many of the creatures and species that are found underwater are most likely to avoid getting touched by humans, however, there are creatures that have defense mechanisms, which can become active once you touch them. So in order to avoid getting injured unnecessary incidents, it is advised that you do not touch marine life.

How to Read Ocean Conditions for Safe Snorkeling

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Learning to look at the ocean and read its waves may seem like a skill that only really benefits surfers and some other water sport enthusiasts, but it is actually excessively useful to snorkelers. Knowing what sort of conditions the water may feature even before touching a drop of it can make sure you have both an enjoyable and safe snorkeling experience. It can mean the different between a peaceful day around the reef instead of experiencing the terror that is being dragged out in a rip tide.

While a number of different ocean safety officials may tell you if an area is particularly troublesome, knowing how to read the ocean yourself is as simple as knowing what to look for.

Ocean Conditions and How to Spot Them

The ocean, she is truly a fickle mistress that doesn’t always feel the way you think she feels. However, she has some tells in that wide blue body of hers that will tip you off when things are about to get dangerous and you need to give her some time to settle. Here are some dangerous snorkeling conditions and how to spot them in the ocean’s subtle waves.


Of all the ocean conditions you need to know when preparing to snorkel, knowing the currents is perhaps the most important. The ocean isn’t a river that is sandwiched between two relatively close slices of land. If a current drags you away from land in an ocean, you may never see land again.

Do note that just because the waves travel one direction, that doesn’t mean the current is traveling that direction. While waves are caused by wind, current can be caused by a number of different factors like the change in tides, changes in salt content in the water, temperature changes, and even the density of obstacles in the water like reefs.

It is difficult to spot how strong a current is from shore, but you will know when you get in the water. The current, even a slight one, will feel like being in a river. It could drag you left or right as well as out to sea.

The easiest way to gauge a current is to look at the ocean floor and try to see how fast you move from one landmark to another. You can technically do the same by looking at landmarks on land, but unless it is a very fast current, the results won’t be as easily spotted. If you are in a fast current, it might be best to consider another snorkeling spot, just to be cautious.

It is important to note that even light currents can be dangerous, especially if it is taking you out to sea. The further you go out, the harder it will be to swim against that current to go back, and that is hugely dangerous. The extreme case of this is a rip tide, a current that quickly takes you away from shore. May people panic, try to swim against it, get exhausted, and, in the worst cases, drown. If caught in a rip tide, always remember to swim parallel to the current until you escape it, then go back in. Rip tides are caused by, as the name suggests, the changes in tide and are most common at low tide. The are even more prevalent when swimming in a bay area with a channel that goes into the open ocean. It is best to avoid snorkeling during this time and in situations where you are near a bay channel.

Wind and Waves

Like when the currents are too strong, you will want to avoid snorkeling in conditions that are too windy. Wind creates waves and waves will create movement. They will move you close to shore or whichever way the wind is blowing. If the tidal current is moving against the wind, this can also dramatically increase wave size.

Honestly, even attempting to snorkel in windy conditions is an effort in futility. The motion makes everything shaky, you have to constantly swim back to your spot, water will likely keep splashing into your snorkel, and even then the visibility underwater is terrible because of all the debris being stirred up. If you can’t see anything, why go? Maybe trade out your snorkel for a surfboard or a windsurfing kite instead for the day.


Many people consider surge to be just waves. However, instead of individual waves that move up and down, surge is more akin to the ocean itself moving up and down. Commonly used to describe storm surge, a low pressure system doesn’t need to be moving in for surge to happen, although it can be a contributing factor. Surge is most dangerous in the shallow areas you consider safe, like reefs. The ocean could suddenly drop out on you and you might find yourself with a few nasty coral cuts. It is similarly dangerous in cliff overhangs where a surge can easily rise you up and press you against the roof.

The good news is that if you are snorkeling a shallow reef in a cove area, you are usually pretty safe from surge. However, shallow areas in open ocean conditions need to be explored with caution.

Expect Any Condition to Change

While you can read the winds and the waves from shore and the current as soon as you touch the water, what you get when you first set out to snorkel can change in literal minutes. The tide could start to come in or go out, changing the current and the waves, the wind could pick up, and everything could become chaos.

This is what makes knowing potentially dangerous ocean conditions so important. The ocean is, again, a very fickle lady. You need to be able to realize as soon as possible if a current has got you and you need to know that if the water is getting choppy and there are rocks dangerously close to you, you might need to slip out of that water ASAP.

Tusa M1001 Freedom Scuba Diving Mask Review

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Just look at it. You can tell right away why people love this mask. I mean, just look at that incredible field of view? It is so wide that it is almost on par with full face models. This is the kind of mask where you just know you are going to enjoy the view. However, for all the advantages that you get with a good field of vision, these types of masks typically come with some sort of a downside with the way it fits. Does the Tusa Freedom have any of those said downfalls?

Features of the Tusa M1001 Freedom Scuba Mask

This mask comes in a variety of colors, and for once it comes in different colors for both the framed and frameless variety. If you aren’t a fan of the panoramic view, you can get a framed mask, and the alternative situation is possible too. However the framed version does come with more color choices.

The major advantage of this mask is the huge single lens that sits close to the face in order to provide a wide field of vision. It also comes with buckles that can rotate 180 degrees without showing any signs of breaking easily while still allowing the most comfortable fit.

A large nose pocket rounds out the design so that those with wide or particularly long noses can wear with mask without feeling uncomfortable by having their nose crushed in. However, while the silicone skirt does prevent leaks, it does extend a little far onto the forehead. Some customers have complained that is can be a little uncomfortable and leaves marks on your face, but if a mask with a similar field of vision as a full face mask has to have a downfall, it should probably be that.

However, that is not the only shortcoming of this mask, but its biggest disadvantage is not a problem for all people. The problem is that because the mask sits so close to your face, if you need to wear classes while snorkeling, they are not going to fit comfortably, or at all, in this snorkel mask. The good news is that because the mask uses one large single lens, you may be able to modify it to use prescription lenses, but it obviously won’t work if you wear two different prescriptions for each eye.

Final Analysis

You know what they say, a snorkel mask is only as worth as much as it will show you, and the Tusa Freedom shows you a lot. With a wide field of vision, if you don’t need to wear glasses, this is close to the perfect snorkel mask. Unfortunately, because you do get such a great view, the price is actually pretty up there. However, they are great for any underwater situation and quite durable, so this is a mask you can invest in without having to worry about it breaking after a few uses.

Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Foot Snorkeling Fin Review

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When picking out a snorkeling fin, most shoppers aren’t looking for performance in the water. They want fins that aren’t utterly unmanageably long, fit snugly, and, yes, it is nice when you can take a few strokes to get halfway across a bay without being completely exhausted.

Despite not having the same flash in the pan design as fins that are either really short or really long, the Voda fins by Phantom Aquatics surprisingly fit all of the above desires that snorkelers want in a set of fins.

Features of the Phantom Aquatic Voda Snorkel Fin

The Voda features a short blade design which means they are shorter and a little wide, but not so short and wide like other models such as the U.S. Diver’s Trek fins or the Cressi Agua. So does that mean that they have less power because they are not as wide? Not at all. In fact, because they still have some length to them, they can afford to be slimmer than other short fin models.

As the Voda doesn’t feature vents on the blades like other fin models, you have to work a little harder on the recovery stroke, but the trade off is that you get a little more power back. Yet because the blades are reactive and really lightweight, they don’t contribute as much to muscle fatigue. These fins were actually designed for those in swim training to ensure perfect muscle training and decrease the likelihood of cramps, but those are benefits that even the causal snorkeler can reap as well.

There is one point of contention with these fins, though. Some may like it, others may hate it. Instead of a half pocket, the Voda feature a full foot pocket. This provides a tight fit, but also means that you need to be very particular about what size you pick. If the foot pocket is too big, those fins will fall off your feet. If the foot pocket is too small, those fins are going to hurt like hell. Even if it runs even a little bit over or under the perfect fit, you will still have to content with blisters if you don’t wear protective snorkel socks.

However, because the full foot pocket can provide the best stroke for your dollar, which is why so many people prefer them despite the risk of problems that you will have to overcome. As the full foot pocket fins like this one cost less and are lighter than other models, it is worth it to just invest in a neoprene sock and enjoy your fins.

Final Analysis

The Voda by Phantom Aquatics runs the perfect middle ground in every respect. It is not weirdly wide, it is not too long or too short, and it still gives you the great performance that you need in a good pair of snorkel fins. Whether or not this is a buy or not a buy wholly depends on your feelings about full foot pockets.